Five Reasons You Need a Professional LinkedIn Profile Audit

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I want you to try something. Go to Google and type your name in the search bar. Now scroll and I would venture to guess that your LinkedIn profile is one of the top five search results – perhaps the first if you have a unique name.

If someone googles you and finds their way to your LinkedIn profile, what impression would they get? Does your profile make you proud or make you cringe?

It goes without saying that LinkedIn is the number one social network when it comes to business. This is why it is essential that your profile adequately represents you to your network and potential customers.

This is where a professional LinkedIn Profile Audit comes in. 

Five reasons you may need a LinkedIn Audit:

1.) Your Profile is out of Date

Laptop sitting on a desk with LinkedIn profile login screen pulled up

Be honest, when was the last time you updated your profile? If it’s more than 2-3 years ago, you are due an update. LinkedIn profiles are never done – they need constant attention to make small tweaks and updates. But every few years, it’s good to assess your LinkedIn profile and ask yourself:

  • How old is my profile picture?
  • Does my headline adequately describe me?
  • Does my ABOUT section sound like a resume and is it written in the 3rd person?
  • Are my SKILLS representative of what I do?

A profile audit can help you assess where you need to make changes and improvements to your existing profile to ensure it is up to date and working to meet your specific goals.

2.) Your Branding and Messaging have changed

brand Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

Whether you own your business or work for a company, messaging changes over time. Products and services are added or phased out. Branding and internal messaging get fine-tuned. Your LinkedIn profile needs to reflect the current brand and message of your business, otherwise, it’s confusing and unclear to your customers. A profile audit can help you evaluate your current messaging to ensure it is representative of your business.

3.) You Want to Understand some of the newer LinkedIn features

LinkedIn has changed…A LOT. In the past year, there were over 50 changes on the platform. It can be very difficult to keep up with all the new updates and understand how you can integrate them into your profile and strategy. 

  • Should you turn on Creator Mode?
  • How do you add a Cover Video?
  • If you own your business, should you use the “Providing Services” feature?

If you have no idea what any of those mean, it’s probably time for a profile audit! 

4.) You need a set of fresh eyes on your profile

Two female colleagues in office working together.

Just like it’s hard to edit your own writing, it can be hard to accurately assess how your profile looks to your audience. A professional profile audit can show you what is working and what may be falling flat in the way you are presenting yourself and the value you offer to your audience. When you can understand how others see you, you are empowered to make the changes and improvements.

5.) You are ready to kick start a more comprehensive LinkedIn strategy

Two bubble talk or comment sign symbol on blue background.

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of any strategy. If your profile is incomplete or out of date, you are building your presence on a weak foundation. A profile audit can help set you up for success as you kick off a more comprehensive LinkedIn strategy focused on building a strategic network, sharing content that speaks to your audience and building those all important relationships. Getting your LinkedIn profile in good working order will set you apart  and set you up for success!

Ready to Take Your LinkedIn Profile to the Next Level?

The way you present yourself on LinkedIn is crucial to your business growth. If the last two years have shown us anything, it’s that human connection comes first. Let’s build quality relationships so your business can make a positive impact at a larger scale.

Schedule a comprehensive LinkedIn profile audit for $495. This one investment will pay you back many times over!