Why Should you Invest in a LinkedIn Profile Consultant?

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5 Reasons to work with a LinkedIn Profile Consultant

LinkedIn is a complex platform – I would argue the most complex of the main social media platforms. You can get an Instagram or Twitter account up pretty quickly. Facebook might feel more familiar if you’re active. But LinkedIn…there is so much to a profile and the reality is that it needs regular attention and updates. Too often, busy professionals neglect LinkedIn until they realize how long it’s been since they have made any investment in their LinkedIn presence.

This is where a LinkedIn Profile Consultant can be a huge support. Someone who can guide you through the process of launching (or updating) your LinkedIn profile, teach you the best practices of how to build a strategic network, create content that will resonate with your audience and engage with the right people to build real relationships. 

Obviously I am biased here but over the last five years I’ve had the privilege of working with over 50 professionals and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to ensure their profiles clearly show WHO they are, WHAT they do, WHY they do it and WHO they do it for.

Let’s talk about some reasons why hiring a LinkedIn expert is a worthwhile investment.

LinkedIn is So Much More Than Your Resume

Business man review his resume on his desk, laptop computer,

Over the last 3-5 years, there has been a massive change on LinkedIn. It is no longer the digital equivalent of your professional resume. It is a 24-7 NETWORKING event – the place to show up and engage with like-minded professionals around the world. If you haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile since the last position you added, you are missing out on massive opportunities.

Even for job seekers, having a relevant, updated and complete profile is essential. Recruiters and hiring managers are looking and may skip over your profile if it is out of date or incomplete. Don’t waste the chance for a powerful first impression with a blah profile.

A LinkedIn Profile is Complex

I teach that there are five basic, must have components of your LinkedIn profile:

    1. Photos – profile & banner
    2. Headline
    3. About
    4. Work Experience 
    5. Skills

However, those are just the minimum to have a complete and compelling profile. Hiring someone who knows how to build out your LinkedIn profile in the most powerful way possible will ensure you are telling your story in a way that your audience will take notice. 

It is Really Hard to Write About Yourself

It is human nature to struggle with what we perceive to be self-promotional. That makes writing the narrative sections of your LinkedIn profile especially challenging. Working with someone who can see your value from an outside perspective can make this process so much easier. And a professional profile writer knows how to use keywords effectively to get your profile to rank in search results and include compelling a call to action.

LinkedIn is Constantly Adding New Features

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Everyone loves new things but it can be extremely challenging to keep up with all the new and ever changing features on LinkedIn. In 2021, there were over 60 new features to the platform!  A LinkedIn profile consultant can ensure you are up to date with the latest trends and are using these new tools properly. 

Building a Strategic Network

How would you rate the quality of your LinkedIn network? I am sure they are all lovely people but are they the right people to strategically help you meet your goals? If you are unaware of who is in your network, you are missing the opportunity to get in front of the right audience. A LinkedIn consultant can help you assess your current network and make a plan to strategically build for success.

Content & Thought Leadership

Stand out from the crowd and different concept - symbolizing thought leadership on LinkedIn

Content is often a huge barrier for LinkedIn users and too frequently this means staying silent. But LinkedIn has the best organic reach of any social media platform so developing a thought leadership focused content strategy is extremely effective. A LinkedIn consultant can help you develop the right content, put it  in front of the right audience and pair it with effective calls to action to help you meet your goals. 

Showing Up in Search Results

When you search for something on LinkedIn, much like Google, it uses keywords to populate the results. If you want to show up in searches, you need to find the balance between using keywords effectively and just stuffing them into your profile.Similarly to a professional resume, the right words can get you found, but there is an art to this science. A professional LinkedIn consultant knows how to use the right words to get you found in search results.

It’s Time to get “Update LinkedIn Profile Off of Your To-Do List

Sometimes if you want something done you just need to “throw some money at the problem” as one of my friends likes to say. But the reality is, when you make a financial investment in your LinkedIn profile, you are also purchasing a level of accountability to get it done. It’s no different than hiring a personal trainer when you want to reach your fitness goals. Hiring a professional to help you with LinkedIn means it will not only get done, but get done well.

When you hire a professional for a LinkedIn profile makeover, you build a powerful foundation for your overall strategy. Your profile is just the first step. Are you ready?

When you hire a professional for a LinkedIn profile makeover, you build a powerful foundation for your overall strategy. Your profile is just the first step. Are you ready?

Take Your Profile to the Next Level with a LinkedIn Profile Consultant

We will help you take full advantage of the power of LinkedIn to best position yourself and reach your goals. This is not another do-it yourself program. This is a personalized LinkedIn service designed to quickly launch and fine-tune your profile and online networking efforts.

Schedule a comprehensive LinkedIn profile audit for $297. This one investment will pay you back many times over! LinkedIn Profile Renovations starting at $699.