LinkedIn is a topic that should be on the agenda for any professional meeting, event, networking group or  conference. Professional networking is essential and when it comes to social media platforms, the best place to perfect it is on LinkedIn!

From Personal Branding to Networking, Content and Engagement Strategies or just the basics of how Linked-In works - there is so much to learn about LinkedIn. I love teaching groups about the hows and whys of LinkedIn! What would your group like to learn?

Our workshops can be customized to meet the specific needs of your group. 

LinkedIn Workshop Topics

Build Better Business
Opportunities on LinkedIn

80% of all B2B leads generated online originate on LinkedIn. Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential?

Learn how to grow their networks and engage with others to build trust and establish authentic relationships that can lead to greater sales. Attendees will discover:

  • The Importance Of Having An Active Social Presence
  • Tips For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Ways To Grow Your Network
  • Who To Follow On LinkedIn
  • Best Practices For Engagement
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Is LinkedIn on your To-Do List? How to Jump-Start your Strategy

Updating your LinkedIn profile or posting content are probably on your TO-DO list. But if you are like many busy professionals, this often gets overtaken by more pressing needs and activities. Now is the time to make LinkedIn a priority, or at least move it a few lines up on your list.

  • The Importance of Optimizing Your PROFILE
  • How to Assess your NETWORK
  • Building a CONTENT Library
  • The Hows and Whys of ENGAGEMENT
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How to Remove Your "Content Blinders" on LinkedIn

Where do you start when it comes to a content strategy on LinkedIn? Content is a common barrier for LinkedIn users, but you have a treasure-trove of content at your fingertips - you just may not be able to see it.

  • How to Identify Your "Content Buckets"
  • How to Mine Your Existing Content
  • Strategies to Repurpose Content
  • Tips & Best Practices to Post for Maximum Exposure
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The 5-Gs of LinkedIn Engagement

We all want the speed of 5G with our cell phones, but we can also embrace 5-Gs to better our engagement on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a networking platform – relationships are central, yet many users forget that the secret sauce is in how your deliberately engage with your network.

GREAT content is the foundation but when you have a GIVING approach and show up in a GENUINE way, your network will take notice!

I’ll  share five simple things you can do to boost your engagement strategy on LinkedIn and how to have fun doing it.

Workshops are offered in-person and online