We develop authentic and valuable communications between our clients and their audience on LinkedIn. We help our clients OPTIMIZE their LinkedIn profiles to authentically tell their story; CONNECT with their potential targets and leverage their existing network; ENGAGE with their audience through relevant and valuable content to BUILD real relationships.


LinkedIn Done With you

We work with subject matter experts (SMEs) on your overall LinkedIn strategy starting with the foundation of a great profile and building from there. We offer various coaching, training & support packages that help you reach your goals.


Your LinkedIn profile is your digital first impression. Unfortunately, it is common that profiles are incomplete or do not showcase the value you offer to your network. We will optimize your profile with a powerful headline, engaging summary and impactful photos to wow your LinkedIn network. This is an important first step when investing in your LinkedIn presence.

What we do:

We will assess your current LinkedIn profile needs and provide updates in the following sections:

  • Photos – Profile photo & banner image
  • Headline – Does it clearly express what you do and for whom?
  • About – Does it tell your story while showing your personality and the value you offer?
  • Experience – Is this complete and does it link to current and past companies?
  • Additional sections – Including skills, recommendations, etc.

When complete, your profile will tell your story and help your network understand who you are and what you do. By including the right keywords in your headline and summary you will increase your search appearances. And most importantly, you will make a positive first impression with your audience as a valuable connection.

Connect: Increase your meaningful connections

Your LinkedIn network is a valuable resource, but many people haven’t built theirs to engage with potential customers, partners and industry experts. Even people with hundreds or thousands of connections may not be connected to their actual targets. We help you analyze your current network and develop a strategy to increase your meaningful connections, thereby increasing the overall value of your LinkedIn network.

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What we do:
  • Assess current LinkedIn profile and network to identify “hidden gems” and gaps within your network
  • Develop a roadmap for how to grow your network
  • Define your target connections and teach you how to find them on LinkedIn
  • Craft message templates for connection requests and "thanks for connecting" messages when new targets connect with you

Engage: Showcase your expertise

LinkedIn is the #1 platform for B2B content. This speaks to how influential LinkedIn is as a credible source of information in the professional world. That credibility becomes that much more powerful when company leaders and industry thought leaders share content from their personal accounts, showcasing their expertise and developing thought leadership. Additionally, by engaging with content from your audience, you can broaden your network, gaining exposure beyond your audience.

What we do:
  • Assess current and available content to showcase your expertise, both internal to your organization and external sources of credible content
  • Develop a consistent posting plan to increase visibility and interaction with your audience
  • Support content development to ensure your voice comes through loud & clear
  • Build a simple plan to engage with experts, colleagues, and targets in your industry
  • Develop a strategy for personal outreach through LinkedIn messages
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Message: Personalized outreach campaigns

Authentic personal messages on LinkedIn are a powerful tool to build relationships on LinkedIn. It’s easy to spot a spammy sales message but when decision makers receive something of value in a LinkedIn message, they are more likely to take notice. We develop messaging campaigns based on specific goals and strategies that speak to the needs of your targets and ultimately get you a reply.

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What we do:
  • Develop a strategy for personal outreach to LinkedIn connections through messages
    • Define campaign goals
    • Create messaging for each campaign depending on targets and the Call To Action
    • Track responses and adjust the message as needed

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Optimized For The New Changes? Download Our Profile Checklist.


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