Is your LinkedIn profile working for or against you? If it is out of date or incomplete, you are missing opportunities to connect and engage with your potential clients.

Never fear! I can help you build a comprehensive LinkedIn strategy from the foundation of a strong profile that attracts your audience, showcases your expertise and helps you build relationships to meet your specific goals.

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Get Your Linkedin profile ready to take center stage

I’m here to guide you in growing your community on LinkedIn starting with the foundation of a strong profile to help you meet your specific business goals.

LinkedIn Profile Audit

If someone googles you and finds their way to your LinkedIn profile, what impression would they get? Does your profile make you proud or make you cringe?

It goes without saying that LinkedIn is the number one social network when it comes to business. This is why it is essential that your profile adequately represents you to your network and potential customers.

Two female colleagues in office working together conducting a LinkedIn profile audit

What we do:

This is where a professional LinkedIn Profile Audit comes in. For $495 you’ll receive:

  • A one-hour Zoom call to review your profile from top to bottom and answer your specific questions (You’ll receive the recording afterwards)
  • A document with personalized recommendations and action items to make the needed updates
  • A profile checklist to ensure you complete all the sections
  • A list of tools and resources that are simple to use

When complete, your profile will tell your story and help your network understand who you are and what you do. By including the right keywords in your headline and summary you will increase your search appearances.

And most importantly, you will make a positive first impression with your audience as a valuable connection.

LinkedIn Profile Renovation

Do you need more hands-on support to get your LinkedIn profile ready for the spotlight Through a simple process, we will work together to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Your new and improved profile will shine with a clear and targeted Headline, engaging About section, complete and powerful Experience, Skills and images to get you noticed! I’ll also walk you through a review and assessment of your current LinkedIn network to identify any gaps or even better, those “hidden gems!” 

Your network will be wowed by the Before and After!

Screenshot of a well-optimized and visually appealing LinkedIn Profile
What we do:
  • Gather relevant research and collateral about your and your experience
  • Draft narrative sections of your profile and provide recommendations and roadmap
  • Ensure your profile adequately represents who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for
  • Assess current LinkedIn profile and network to identify “hidden gems” and gaps within your network

Linkedin Company Page Development

Listen up small business owners and solopreneurs – you need a LinkedIn company page!  Even if you are a business of one, having a company page is important for several reasons.

Why you need a professional company page:

  • Just because you are a small business today does not mean that will be the case in 1, 5, or 10 years. It’s never too early to build your brand, and a company page is a great tool to get started.
  • It creates brand awareness on your profile by linking to your logo
  • It makes it easy for people to find your website

I’ll do the heavy-lifting and build a company page that represents your business, brand and expertise. And you can say goodbye to the sad gray box under Experience on your profile!

Business team meeting

LinkedIn Coaching

Now that your LinkedIn profile is set up for success, the real fun begins - developing a LinkedIn strategy focused on connecting with the right people, sharing content that matters to your audience and building relationships. But this can be confusing, overwhelming and honestly hard to navigate without guidance and accountability.

I’ll work with you to keep you focused, on the right track and accountable to your specific goals.

Rachel meeting with a client

Personalized coaching packages focus on your specific goals:

  • Weekly 30-min check in call
  • Network building best practices
  • Strategic content planning
  • Content feedback and editing 
  • Content repurposing
  • Engagement strategies and techniques

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Optimized For The New Changes? Download Our Profile Checklist.


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