HOW to Download Your LinkedIn Connections and WHY You Should Do It

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When is the last time you downloaded your LinkedIn network? Yes, it may come as a surprise, but LinkedIn allows you to download and review nearly every activity you have ever taken on the site. While this may seem daunting, there is one piece of this data that is very important and illuminating – your LinkedIn Network.


1.Click the Me icon at the top right of your LinkedIn homepage.

2. Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.

3. Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page.

4. Under the How LinkedIn uses your data section, Click Download your data.

5. Select Connections and click Request Archive (you will be prompted to enter your password)

6. You will receive an email to your Primary Email address with a link where you can download your list of connections as a CSV file.

From there, you can decide how you want to sort the file. You receive your connections Name, Title, Company and the Date you connected.



  1. You forgot who’s in your network: Depending on when you joined LinkedIn, you have been collecting connections for quite some time. You are only seeing a handful of your network when you scroll the newsfeed based on the current LinkedIn algorithm, so of course there are people in your network that you just forgot about. This is a great way to jog your memory – there are likely some people you should re-connect with as potential business contacts/ targets.
  2. Your connections have changed jobs: Piggy-backing on the point above, you may not realize that people in your network have new positions, new companies or changed careers. Perhaps that is valuable to you and your business
  3. Your network is full of potential targets…and you had no idea: You may have potential customers, partners, employees and other valuable contacts (virtually) sitting right in front of you. Now that you realize that, sending personal and valuable outreach can help you reconnect and engage these connections.
  4. Your network isn’t really made up of your targets: This is something very common, especially when you have been collecting network connections for many years. You may be surprised to see that you actually have a very small % of your overall network that you would consider to be a target. In this case, you can make a strategic and deliberate plan to add new people to your network who are more in line with your business targets.

I generally recommend that people download their connections on a quarterly basis. It’s a great habit to get into and can help you stay more engaged with your LinkedIn network. At the end of the day, the value of LinkedIn goes as far as the relationships you develop. This is one tool to help foster and manage those in a simple way.

Not sure how your LinkedIn network stacks up? Contact us for a free review and analysis.