Easy LinkedIn Profile Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Presence

Laptop sitting on a desk with LinkedIn login screen pulled up

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of any viable LinkedIn strategy. But let’s be honest, putting a LinkedIn profile together is not as simple as it looks. In comparison to other social media platforms, there is so much that goes into your LinkedIn profile and it is easy to get overwhelmed and intimidated.  Whether you…

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How to Download LinkedIn Connections & Why You Should Do It

Do you know who’s in your LinkedIn network? If you aren’t downloading and reviewing your connections regularly, you might be missing out on potential clients, referral sources, partners or collaborators – the hidden gems!  It may come as a surprise, but LinkedIn allows you to download and review nearly every activity you have ever taken…

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How to Jump-Start Your LinkedIn Profile Strategy For 2022

Person checking LinkedIn on their phone

Is LinkedIn on Your To-Do List? Do These Five Things to Jump-Start Your Profile Strategy I bet updating your LinkedIn profile or posting content is on your TO-DO list. But if you are like many busy professionals, it’s perpetually at the bottom – overtaken by more pressing needs and activities. As we move into the…

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Top 10 Worst LinkedIn Connection Requests of 2021

Man desperately trying to shoot arrows with bow to hit the bullseye but failed miserably. Vector artwork depicts failure, inaccurate, missing, and lousy.

Ranking The Worst LinkedIn Connection Requests of 2021 A core component of a vibrant LinkedIn strategy is building a strong, targeted and engaged network. But how you send LinkedIn connection requests and what you include in the message can be the difference between opening the door to a new connection and relationship or getting that…

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Stay Away from the Gray on LinkedIn

Grey banner image when there is not a photo

Would you walk into a networking event with a bag over your head? Or pay for a billboard only to leave it reading “Your Ad Here”? Well, when you leave the visual components of your LinkedIn profile blank, that is basically what you are doing. Let’s talk about the three places this happens too often,…

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Clubhouse Hits the Refresh Button on Networking

Clubhouse icon

Clubhouse is the new kid on the block for social networking sites. It’s an audio-only interface where you can join rooms on various topics to listen, discuss and ask questions. It launched last spring but took off like wildfire the end of 2020. Currently in beta, it is only available for IOS devices and requires…

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A Conversation with One of My Favorite LinkedIn Pros

Computer Linking People Together For Online Networking Purposes

I follow A LOT of LinkedIn professionals and one of my favorites is Brenda Meller of Meller Marketing. Brenda is a wealth of knowledge and hosts her very popular Social Media Pie interviews through LinkedIn Live. I have learned so much from her posts and videos over the years and I was thrilled to join…

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Make the Most of Online Networking with LinkedIn

Trade shows and conferences are cancelled for the foreseeable future. Networking groups have moved to Zoom. But you have a powerful tool at your fingertips that can help you maintain and even improve your networking and relationship building…I’m talking about LinkedIn. Hopefully LinkedIn was a part of your in-person networking prior to our current “at-home”…

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