My Top 10 LinkedIn Updates and Features for 2023!

It was quite an exciting year on LinkedIn when it comes to updates and new features. At the end of 2023, there were over 170 (!) new features, updates and changes that have or are in the process of rolling out. To put it in perspective, in 2022, there were around 90 and in 2021…

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How LinkedIn Consulting Services Amplify Platform Growth

Businessman analyzing company's financial balance sheet working with digital augmented reality graphics. Businessman calculates financial data for long-term investment.

We all know that LinkedIn is a powerful platform that has revolutionized the professional world.  It offers opportunities for networking, job searching, and personal branding.  An often underutilized resource for maximizing its potential is LinkedIn Consulting. Understanding LinkedIn Consulting Services LinkedIn Consulting Services involves strategic guidance and assistance to optimize your LinkedIn presence.  Many assume…

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Maximize Your Professional Success with LinkedIn Business Coaching

Successful team. Group of young business people working and communicating together in creative office.

LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking platform that can open many opportunities for individuals and businesses. However, effectively leveraging its features can be challenging. That’s where a LinkedIn business coach comes in.  Learning to leverage this influential platform can propel you, your team, and your organization toward achieving their utmost potential.  How can you harness…

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How to Align, Amplify and Activate your Team on LinkedIn

Building a strong team, Wooden blocks with people icon on pink background, Human resources and management concept.

Over the past few years, LinkedIn has transformed from a job search tool into a 24-7 networking event. People who embrace this change reap the benefits – they stand out, build awareness and crush their goals, both personal and professional. Sadly, many companies are slow to embrace this change. According to a recent poll, “81%…

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My Top 10 Ten New LinkedIn Features for 2022!

It’s been quite an exciting year on LinkedIn when it comes to new features. At the time I am writing this blog, there have been over 90 (!) new features and updates that have or are in the process of rolling out.  I wanted to share my top 10 new features for the year and…

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How to Boost Your LinkedIn Content Strategy

Photo of a woman's hands typing on a laptop

Where do you start when it comes to a content strategy on LinkedIn? Content is a common barrier for many LinkedIn users, but it also presents an incredible opportunity for those who embrace the value of sharing content on LinkedIn. The truth is that there is more opportunity on LinkedIn in comparison to other social…

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Why Should you Invest in a LinkedIn Profile Consultant?

LinkedIn profile consultant taking notes during a meeting with a client

5 Reasons to work with a LinkedIn Profile Consultant LinkedIn is a complex platform – I would argue the most complex of the main social media platforms. You can get an Instagram or Twitter account up pretty quickly. Facebook might feel more familiar if you’re active. But LinkedIn…there is so much to a profile and…

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LinkedIn Networking Tips for Building Meaningful Connections

Man networking on LinkedIn via mobile device. Man sitting on couch smiling while using smart phone.

When you joined LinkedIn you probably started connecting with anyone you knew – co-workers from your first job, friends, family, random people from high school or college. I know that’s what I did when I first launched my profile. This certainly helps develop your initial network but once you have 500+ connections, it’s important to…

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