Sales Team Optimizes LinkedIn for Results


A dynamic sales leader felt his team was not adequately using LinkedIn as a part of their sales approach. Profiles were incomplete, activity was low, and the platform was not being utilized effectively.


Over a 3-month period, CTDD worked with the sales team to help them develop a new cadence with LinkedIn. Following an initial group workshop, we worked individually with each team member to do the following:

  • Optimize their profiles
  • Analyze their LinkedIn network
  • Develop a posting strategy to share valuable content
  • Utilize other tools such as messages to build relationships with key targets


At the end of our 3-month engagement, we achieved the following:

  • The sales team’s LinkedIn profiles were fully optimized for business development including descriptive headlines, engaging profile summaries and branded header photos highlighting their company
  • They increased their targeted connections & engaged with their audience
  • The sales team averaged 1-2 posts per week vs. 1-2 posts per month when we started with an almost 300% increase in post views.
  • One team member scheduled two sales calls as a result of a messaging campaign sent to current LinkedIn connections.


LinkedIn is an important component of a sales strategy. Sales teams can find success by using it in a deliberate and consistent way to connect with their targets, establish their credibility and build relationships with potential clients.