Leveraging LinkedIn to Increase Sales


A telemedicine company in a competitive market sought to differentiate their services through the expertise of their physician CEO, but needed to find a way to quickly establish his credibility, build relationships, and generate leads across a large network of potential buyers.


Starting with a barely-used LinkedIn profile and fewer than 100 connections, we closely coordinated with the CEO, his marketing team, and business development to develop a LinkedIn-based sales initiative.  Intended as an ongoing sales channel, we led a multi-faceted effort that included:

  • Identifying and connecting with decision makers from target companies
  • Posting relevant content and publishing long form articles to highlight expertise
  • Implementing multiple LinkedIn messaging campaigns to support initiatives such as industry conference engagement, geographic-focused outreach, and service-line focused campaigns.


LinkedIn is now an established sales channel, generating ongoing results for over three years, including:

  • 8 new customers were generated through LinkedIn in the first year, and the platform consistently delivers up to 6 warm leads each month
  • The CEO is regularly sought after as a conference speaker and industry expert
  • Marketing and Business Development look to the CEO's network as an invaluable resource


LinkedIn can be a valuable ongoing sales channel when it is used to create authentic relationships and consistently engage with buyers and decision makers.