Establishing Market Presence


An innovative healthcare startup with limited market exposure, needed to educate and identify health system partners to pilot and enhance their new offering.


Leveraging the LinkedIn presence of the Founding Partner we broadcast his expertise and built relationships through a 12-month effort that included:
  • Connecting with health system system decision makers, buyers, and advisors
  • Posting thought-provoking content and engaging in active discussion
  • Selective LinkedIn messaging with a targeted group of potential buyers and partners


We achieved several goals for this start-up:
  • Grew the Founding Partner's LinkedIn network to more than 700 potential buyers and partners
  • Personally engaged with many of those potential buyers through messaging, content and, in several cases, through in-person meetings at industry conferences
  • Identified several health system pilot sites and generated feedback for use in product development


Used as a credible and authentic extension of an individual's personality, LinkedIn can quickly create meaningful and warm relationships that generate strong leads and partnerships.