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Does your company have a LinkedIn strategy recognized & utilized throughout the organization?

Hi, I’m Rachel! I help companies align, amplify & activate their team on LinkedIn. Together we powerfully position your brand messaging on LinkedIn to attract the best talent, connect organically with your ideal clients, and stand out as a leader in your industry.


Who "Owns" LinkedIn Within Your Company?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool that sits at the center of most business functions. A cohesive, broad, and sweeping LinkedIn company strategy provides an opportunity to impact nearly every function within the organization. It works to align and amplify the company value proposition and to activate the most powerful brand ambassadors – employees!

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81% of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with someone who has a strong personal brand

Sales teams depend on LinkedIn as a prospecting tool and a place to connect with targets. But if sales leaders and their teams haven’t nailed down their company’s brand message in individual employee profiles, their outreach and investment in tools like Sales Navigator have to work so much harder than they should.

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61% of decision makers say that thought-leadership is more effective at demonstrating value compared to traditional marketing

Marketing controls the overall brand message within a company. But often, the focus of a LinkedIn strategy is around the company page vs. the people behind the brand. Thought leadership = credibility and when this is combined with a strong personal brand on LinkedIn companies can connect and engage with targets and decision makers more effectively than with traditional ads.

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HR & Talent Acquistion

82% of employees will research a CEO’s online presence when considering joining a company

Hiring and retaining people is one of the top problems leaders face today, particularly in areas where there is a “talent desert.” Company leaders should think of themselves as recruiters on LinkedIn – brand ambassadors for potential employees. Candidates are looking at profiles of the people they will report to and work with – if they don’t like what they see, they may move on to another offer. Top talent wants to talk to peers, not recruiters.

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Employee Advocacy

Employee Advocacy can increase lead generation by up to 67%

Companies have an army of brand ambassadors at their disposal – their employees! When companies encourage their employees to build an authentic presence on LinkedIn, it can push their brand message to a wider audience which leads to new business opportunities. Employee advocacy makes an impact across the board and is truly a win-win for both the company and individual employees.

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